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Enjoy coffee in Intercontinental hotel Jakarta during DAAD alumni meeting


25 Jahre DAAD Jakarta

Today, Saturday, March 28th, 2015, I have attended the DAAD alumni meeting in Indonesia. Indeed, I was an alumnus of the German government-owned institution, which had given me a scholarship to study in Germany. I had studied my masters in Postgraduate Program Renewable Energy – Universiteit Oldenburg, from 2003-2004.

In a sense, every year the DAAD has always held an event, both events are conducted by the DAAD itself, as well as events that are run by other parties in Indonesia, but with financial support from the DAAD. Well, this meeting is something special. Why? This is the 25th anniversary of the support provided by the DAAD for academics in Indonesia. Not counted, so many Indonesian academics whom have passed from Germany, with financial support from the DAAD.

My goal was present at this meeting is certainly there. To be sure, I would like to meet with my fellow colleagues, both senior and the junior of mine, who both had received scholarships and educated in Germany. In addition, I would like to contribute to the DAAD, by exchanging thoughts during the alumni meeting. And, no less important is reported to blackcoffeebean.com beloved readers, about black coffee served by the Intercontinental hotel during this meeting.

Attending alumni meeting all day, it is definitely interrupted by a break time. This is fun, if a meeting is held in a pleasant place, such as in the hotel. Well, you surely already know, what the menu is provided during the break time. It is a certain, coffee is a must, in addition to other beverages and other snacks. Typically, meetings all day, coffee can be served at least three times. If the average of once break time, we drank a cup of coffee, at least we can drink 3 cups of coffee. A number of caffeine intake that much, but with unnoticed. Ok, do not worry about it, just enjoy it!

Absolutely, without feeling, at the end of the meeting, I’ve spent 3 cups of coffee. Perhaps, they are more. Maybe I forgot to count them, because I preoccupation to meet friends. How is the coffee? The coffee that is served by this hotel, I think very good. The coffee is provided, in accordance with my favorite, the thick black coffee. It feels very solid coffee, the aroma is so tempting. Apparently, the barista has been quite understand, how the right mix of coffee, the coffee beans of Arabica and Robusta.

If you had the opportunity to stop by the hotel Intercontinental Jakarta, maybe it would not hurt if you were to drink coffee here. I guarantee you will be hooked, just like me who want to taste it again, if the DAAD meeting held here again.


This is my black coffee …