"sharing the black coffee"

The history

coffee_beans_coffee_aromaActually, to make and have a special blog about coffee, is an old idea of mine. Thankfully, it is finally realized. I do not intend to make excuses, or claim to be busy, or too feel as important. However, please also understand that with my profession as an implementation consultant, which is very demanding. My job is quite time-consuming and concentration, so some hobby ideas can not be realized immediately. It requires a special time. If possible, it is time that could not be bothered anymore by routine work.

I thought, now is the perfect time to make it happen. I took a break from work. Actually, I am not someone who can be silent, without a job. Thus, while resting like this, I still consider that I am still working. What work? Yes, writing this blog. Of course, this work is more enjoy, not stress and not much demand. Moreover, this work is also sponsored by a cup of black coffee without sugar, my favorite coffee.

Actually, what was triggering me, so I finally started making this blog? Here’s the story. After completing a successful project, I requested a special time for a short break. Frankly, my job was quite tiring and stressful because it is “highly DEMANDED result”. To that end, I have to always focus, even my work was continued until midnight. Still working, although at the weekend, is it normal for me.

Well, in the holidays like today, I spend more time for surfing in cyberspace. (Of course, I did not forget about time for my family.) How wonderful, I can read various good article that much more. Okay, just add my insight. Of course, do not forget to read the article about coffee. Finally, I read a lot of blogs, from a lot of people who love coffee. Amazingly, each of the coffee blog has their own distinctive characteristics. Apparently, they are the true coffee lovers. They are so happy to share their experiences, of which relates to the coffee. To me, they all are the source of inspiration for me, especially about the coffee.

So, this is what prompted me to start serious and focused to document all my activities on coffee. Hopefully, what I wrote at this time, can be useful to others. At the very least, it could be useful for myself, to broaden my skills and about coffee. And more importantly, it is as a place to channel my passion and hobby in writing. Hopefully, I got a lot of friends more, namely; coffee lovers and bloggers, who are spread throughout the world.

So, why eventually chose blackcoffeebean.com as domain? Well, like the famous English poet, William Shakespeare, “What is the meaning of a name”. Initially, this domain is not what I considered before. Unfortunately, all the domains that I want, already owned by someone else. I was forced to re-tinkering with a few more words. Of course, that is associated with coffee.

Finally, I chose blackcoffeebean.com, and thanks once, it has not been taken by someone else. was domain consists of three words, namely; black, coffee, and bean. Coffee became the central word here. If we talk about coffee, which definitely comes to mind is; “Black” and also “bean”. (Of course, there are many others). I was a fan of “black coffee” in terms of taste. As a photographer, I saw that the black bean was very good as an object. Black color with rounded elliptical bean, it is very tempting us to drink coffee.

Then, I bought the domain blackcoffeebean.com immediately. Next, I installed directly into wordpress. After that, I upload the themes as you see today, the themes that I have prepared a few weeks earlier. Finally, I say, thank you for your visit to this blog.


Jack Morino