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001_fd_3077x2048_all-free-download.comI believe, you would have seen some articles in this blackcoffebean.com. But, I am sure that you must be curious to know, what is actually delivered by this blog. More precisely, what message would be presented.

Well, the same as other coffee blog, of course presented here is about the coffee, not the others. We may not talk here about the beast or something related to outer space. So, the topic of coffee should be the main topic here. Although, the same actor, coffee, but the focus of this blog different from other coffee blogs. Why is this different?

Yes, certainly different. Human beings are unique, there is not the same with the other, although the twins though. Similarly, my favorite compared with others who also love coffee, it is definitely different, although little difference. So, I tried to develop this blog according to my preferences towards other things.

I am a person who likes the news. TV shows and online media section that I like actually, is “news”, especially news related to the problems of energy, industry, economy, politics, etc. For me, it is not fun when watching and reading the news without accompanied by a cup of black coffee. Therefore, I have prepared the category: News. The goal is, just channeling my amateur analysis of the hot topics discussed at that time.

I am a person who likes to science. We all know, there are many branches of science. I think, one of the branches of science that are more closely related to the the coffee is “food science”. While working as a researcher at a private university in Japan, I had some acquaintances which were doing research in the field of food science. They know that I love the coffee and often invites me to discuss about the coffee. The interesting thing is, the material is a discussion of scientific articles related to the coffee. My understanding of the discussion of the coffee, based on scientific articles before, that’s what I want to share with you here. Thus, it would be better if I specialize in category: Science.

We all have interesting experiences about the coffee. I am sure, you all have particular ways in brewing, or making good coffee. Experiences like that, maybe you can just get yourself, might also be taught or see other people. Unfortunately, if such an interesting experience not well documented. To accommodate it, I prepare category: Tips.

If I may say, drinking coffee is a universal symbol of friendship. The coffee was like drinking obligatory in all countries. For me, it feels incomplete visiting a region / country, before I had time to drink coffee served in the region /country. Each region/country, have a long tradition, methods, and tools to make different coffee. Each region and country has its peculiar characteristics. Based on the experience of seeing, feeling, and also has the unique things about coffee, this is what I want to show in the category: Unique.

Every time I see a coffee shop, I think I always wanted to stop by and feel the pleasure of drinking coffee there. Different coffee shops, also has a different taste. The difference was not only due to the type and quality of the coffee, but more important is who makes the coffee. Only from the hands of professionals, who know coffee, and also like the coffee, then there is a cup coffee with a fantastic flavor. Appreciation should be given to them, the barista, who works for guest satisfaction. Thus, the figure of the professional barista this, you can read in category: Profiles.

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Jack Morino