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Air Kawa – Coffee from the coffee leaf

Coffee Beans and The Leafs

Coffee Beans and The Leafs

This time, I’ll tell you about a drink that is quite unique, which comes from my hometown of West Sumatra, namely Air Kawa (simply translated “Kawa Water”, means the beverage of Kawa). Air Kawa is a beverage derived from the leaves of coffee, brewed as tea leaves. The process, fresh coffee leaves plucked from the tree, and then dried with roasted for approximately 12 hours. The dry leaves are cleaned by water with cold water. Then, the leaves are brewed with boiling water, just like you brew tea. Then, you can add sugar according to your taste.

Where the origin of Air kawa? Air Kawa can be attributed to the time of cultivation under Dutch colonial rule. At that time, people in West Sumatra had been forbidden to enjoy coffee for themselves. They were forced to grow coffee for trade. To be able to enjoy the sensation of drinking coffee, they outsmart the rules by utilizing the coffee leaf. They believed that the leaves of coffee were still contained caffeine.

During the Dutch colonial era, the entire harvest fruit fresh coffee from Minang Kabau (currently become West Sumatera province), exported out of the country by the Dutch colonial government, so that local people did not get a chance to taste the drink of coffee. Drinking coffee at that time had a sense of pride. Coffee culture symbolized a certain class of society at that time.

Proverb says: “If there is no cane, root can”. No coffee, the leaves can be used as well. That’s about the intent of the proverb. Thus, the desire of people to enjoy the sensation of coffee, can be remedied. Finally, Air Kawa favored by many people, because it is unique (like a mixture of tea and coffee), also has health benefits.

Air Kawa is good to drink in cold weather. Another uniqueness, you did not have to use glasses. You simply use coconut shell as a container for drinking. Kawa water can be enjoyed with or without sugar, accompanied by a variety of small snacks.

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