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What makes fun drinking coffee while reading the news?

News & Coffee

News & Coffee

When I was a child, have often seen people read the newspaper and asked, “What is the fun of reading the news (newspapers), which is generally not a lot of pictures?” Then, I have also seen people who drink coffee, then asked, “What is the fun of drinking coffee, black with a bitter taste? I think, I do not need to explain to you all, the answer to the two questions above. I believe, as a coffee lover, who lived in the era of social media today, you have a variety of answers of your own. Maybe you are turning to ask, why not just ask, “What’s the fun of reading the newspaper while drinking coffee?”

For me, reading the newspaper must be with a friend. Drinking coffee also there should be with friends. Both of these activities should have a friend. Drinking coffee and reading the news is two companions, complementary and accompany. You will relax reading a newspaper, if accompanied with coffee. You will enjoy a cup of coffee, if accompanied by reading the news. To drink coffee without reading the news, as like the person who filmed without ideas. Read the news without drinking coffee, such as those who spend time in vain, unaccompanied by a favorite drink.

What kind of coffee I drink, while reading the news? As I mentioned in the “Me & My Coffee”, my favorite coffee is strong black coffee without sugar. That’s my default coffee. The stock of coffee at my house is always complete, both in terms of quantity and variety. If I’m at home, surely I drink black coffee. Other types of coffee will only be taken, if my wife or my guest, asked me to accompany them to drink coffee. Indeed, not many people who like black coffee, especially strong black coffee. I usually brew coffee for myself, not to ordered anyone else. Why? Because, specifically for black coffee, my coffee tastes is very sensitive. I only know about it. Another story, when I entered the café and ordered black coffee, inevitably, I must agree with its baristas brew. I can not complain.

So, what news I read while enjoying coffee? Basically, I love all catagory, ranging from politics, economics, law, industry, energy, technology, food, travel, photography, etc. From all of these categories, most often I read is the category of economic, industrial, energy, food, sports, and photography. Everything is not far from the scope of my work and my hobby. I can read discharged until complete for news from the category that I like it. While the other categories, I simply read the headlines section, or the title only.So, what news I read while enjoying coffee?

Back to the original question, “What is the fun of reading the news while drinking coffee?” Obviously, we are getting to know the world while enjoying coffee. The more often you drink coffee, the more you will be getting to know the world. Now, how about you?