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The history of Toraja Coffee

Toraja Coffee

Toraja Coffee

Toraja coffee has crossed to the famous cafes around the world. Tana Toraja is a mountainous district in South Sulawesi, located 300 kilometers from Makassar – the provincial capital. Although not as famous as Toraja, the surrounding areas are also manufacturers of quality coffee: Kalosi in Enrekang and Mamasa.

Toraja coffee is mostly grown on small plantations belonging to residents in the mountain slopes. Toraja people are known for being able to maintain the tradition of their ancestors hundreds of years old. One is funeral Signs Solo who invites many tourists, domestic and foreign. Just like a traditional party, the ritual traditions that have been passed down through generations, the processing of coffee is also a tradition hundreds of years old.

Toraja coffee journey, until it could go international, has also gone through a long process. At first, the Dutch colonial government first locate the exact location for coffee plantations. They could open a coffee plantation of 300 acres. Then, they called it Kalosi Celebes Coffee. but does not continue. Then, with the inclusion of Japan in Indonesia, this coffee bean was introduced into Japan.

Then in 1973, a Japanese coffee company – came to Indonesia to enter Ballokan – Tana Toraja, which is a coffee plantation that had left the Dutch. This Japan company believes that the Toraja coffee industry will bounce back in the international community if the infrastructure in the area to be addressed.

In 1976, formed the cooperation between Japan and Indonesia: Toarco- Toraja Arabica Coffee. That was the beginning nursery for planting plan about a hundred acres, to be marketed in Japan, and to the various parts of the world.

Now, with a fixed standard, we can easily find good quality Toraja coffee anywhere. In fact, local governments are developing 1200 acres of land for the development of organic coffee in the District Sesean and Rindingallo in North Toraja. In other areas, such as Enrekang and Latimojong Mountains, also will be developed similar efforts. Now, Toraja coffee became one of the pride of Indonesia.