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How to control the daily intake of caffeine?

Two cups of coffee (an illustration)

Two cups of coffee (an illustration)

Are you accustomed to arouse your spirit by drinking a cup of coffee? Maybe you are not wrong in choosing coffee as a favorite drink. The researchers found that, the caffeine contained in coffee works by “pirating” adenosine, which is a natural sedative compounds, which tells the cells in the body to relax the activity and make you fast asleep. The results of this piracy, the muscles contract, the cells in the body to move faster and you feel more refreshed.

In fact, not only as the only benefit you’ll get from coffee. A recent study found that, the existence of a positive relationship between coffee consumption with reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease, liver cancer, and prostate. But, you have to be careful when you’ve started to not be able to enjoy your life without coffee. You’ve status of ‘addiction’ if you start drinking more than 300 mg per day. According to a research, a limit on the amount of caffeine that can be tolerated by the body per day is 1000 mg.

The results of the study in the UK in 2010 found that, when the body has been accustomed to receiving caffeine than normal – do not get enough caffeine, then you will begin to feel more sensitive, lethargy and fatigue. Even worse, your body will be more easily shake, and your heart will beat faster.

So, what should you do? Soon, set your coffee drinking patterns. Better, divide into several times a day to drink, to avoid overdose. The large amount of caffeine in your blood, can cause serious problems. So, if you usually drink a cup of espresso, sized 12 oz (equivalent to 260 mg) in at breakfast, then start now divide into two phases. For example, drink half in the morning at breakfast, and then drink the other half in the afternoon.

Then, observe what you drink every day, in addition to coffee. However, not only the caffeine found in coffee, sodas and energy drinks also contain caffeine. So, if you are accustomed to consume energy drinks after exercise, then start arranging proper caffeine intake so that you do not overdose.