"sharing the black coffee"


3 easy steps to drink coffee without sugar

Free Sugar

Free Sugar

Drinking coffee is fun. Coffee can be a loyal friend when we are busy doing something, such as coursework and office tasks, etc. The question is, what the default flavor of your coffee? Sweet or bitter? Be Patient !. There is nothing wrong with either choice. In general, people enjoy the taste of coffee with a sweet taste, or add some sugar to it. But, do not let it be a disaster pleasure, or to kill you. Remember with diabetes, which is identical with that sweet habit.

You do not need to be afraid of drinking coffee by adding sugar. You do not need to be ashamed if derided by others when drinking coffee with a sweet taste. Calm down, while you can control your blood sugar levels to a safe limit, meaning that you are safe. Or, you get used to exercise every day to burn off the energy from the sugar, rather than stored in your blood, or stored under the skin into the fat. But, if you really want to enjoy the taste of coffee without fear of diabetes, then set the default flavor of your coffee to the “bitter”. Yes, that is coffee without sugar, aka black coffee.

Is it so difficult?

Yes, it is very difficult. For those of you that defaults to “sweet”, then change to the “bitter” is very difficult. I had such an experience. Initially, my default is “sweet”. However, because often teased by friends, and also wants to increase a healthy lifestyle, I was changed. How to? Well, I give you three tips below.

First, set your goals! Is your goal to diet by eating and drinking properly, or if you want to be healthy by controlling the sugar levels in your blood. If you’ve set this goal, the possibility of the future will be much easier to change the “default” drink your coffee. Changing this default as changing mindset switch in your brain. Train your mindset to say that coffee is not sweet anymore it is still good, then it would be good coffee for you.

Second, do it gradually. That is, try reducing your coffee sweet levels gradually. Your tongue will be surprised if you suddenly change the default from sweet to bitter. Question, how? Of course, reduce the amount of sugar you use. If initially you need 3 teaspoons, then less to 2 teaspoons, then to 1 teaspoon, half teaspoon, dean finally no sugar at all. If you still have trouble in this case, then there is another solution is to use a low-calorie sugar. Today, already available artificial sugar with a low calorie level, even zero. Although, the use of artificial sweetener is actually still debated, but in essence there are other alternatives.

Third, resist to temptation. As a human, you cannot be separated from socializing, either with friends or family. So, you could potentially meet with people who are always tempting you into sweet things. For that, you have to focus and not to be tempted by them. You should be proud to tell them that you want to live a healthy life with one way to reduce sugar consumption. If you are successful from this temptation, meaning that you can be successful drink coffee without sugar.

Good luck!