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Unique taste of coffee

Do you want to enjoy Jozz Coffee from Jogya?

Jozz Coffee (illustration)

Jozz Coffee (illustration)

Dear The Coffee Lovers, This time, I will share information with you about the unique coffee, the Jozz coffee. What is a Jozz Coffee? Jozz coffee is a way of serving coffee, by adding charcoal (burning) to the coffee that is brewed with sugar (unfiltered).

Of course, wood charcoal used here must be clean and disposable (non-recycled). Hot charcoal, if directly dipped into the water, immediately sounded like “Nyes”. Finally, became popular with “Jozz”. So, be Jozz coffee. Jozz coffee has become the hallmark of Yogyakarta. Historically, this coffee began in the 1960s.

Surely you are curious, what are the benefits of Jozz coffee? The fans of Jozz coffee believe that, Jozz coffee beneficial to eliminate diseases such as bloating and abdominal pain. At least, this coffee is also suitable to accompany you in a relaxed moment, or enjoy the atmosphere of Yogyakarta at night. Do not worry, Yogyakarta is famous for cheap life. With 10,000 money, you can enjoy a cup of Jozz coffee, coupled with some other small foods.

Intrigued with Jozz coffee? Come to Yogyakarta, precisely in Angkringan Lik Man, that is not far from Malioboro street, which is very famous. If you want to try it yourself at home, please follow the instructions on how to make Jozz coffee.

Good luck and enjoy it!