"sharing the black coffee"


Enjoy Starbucks Coffee in CITOS Mall Jakarta


My Americano Starbucks coffee

Are there people in Jakarta and surrounding areas, who do not know Citos? By being famous, perhaps only a few people in Jakarta, who do not know this mall. Citos is a mall with restaurants and cafe concept. Its location is very strategic, near Fatmawati street – South Jakarta, on the edge of TB Simatupang toll. If you want to meet with business associates or friends, maybe Citos is a neutral place to be accessed. Citos not only favored by local residents, even foreigners are also happy to come to this mall.

If you visit here, you just select which restaurants and cafes you like. If anyone wants to eat, there are various options cafe restaurant with a menu such as Indonesia, Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese), as well as Europe. If just a cup of coffee, soft drinks, etc., there are many choices of local and western-themed café.

Yesterday afternoon, I accompanied my wife, who held a meeting with some college friends. While waiting for them who gathered at a local café, I prefer relaxing at STARBUCKS. This coffee shop is located amidst the 1st floor, just a few steps from the lobby side. My goal is actually just to find a place for me to be able to continue some of my work from a laptop, with free Wi-Fi access. Of course, I must be accompanied by a cup of coffee.

Before ordering a coffee, I make sure first to survey the location. Is it still available tables and seating? Even more importantly, access to the power plug. Not all the tables there have access to power. Fortunately I still find an empty table with access to power. I take immediately in order not to be taken by others. As usual, I ordered my favorite coffee, black coffee Americano. I always order the L size. That is, to be more satisfied and long ending. Anyway, the price difference is not too flashy with S, especially with the size M.

If I may be honest, drinking coffee at this place is not really my favorite. I am stranded here not because of the coffee. However, it is more as a place to relax and support facilities to continue my work. Starbucks Citos have a fairly spacious area. There are lots of available seating options. There are people who love in the air-conditioned room. There is also the outside near the people passing by. I prefer the inside, in order to work full concentration, without being bothered by the noise.