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How to choose a good coffee?

Roasted coffee beans

Roasted coffee beans

As a coffee lover, maybe we ever ask, how exactly do I choose a good coffee? Well, good or bad taste of a coffee is relative. Good for us, do not guarantee good for others. However, we can choose a good coffee, which is freshly roasted coffee. Remember, coffee should be consumed a maximum of two months after roasting. However, the best time is two weeks after roasting. Do not buy the coffee powder, but buy the beans. Again, do not buy in the form of powder!

Why? Is not publicly traded coffee in supermarkets, the coffee powder? Yes I Do! But remember, there are three enemies that will reduce the quality of coffee, namely: water, air, and light. In the form of ground coffee, more surface area are exposed by the three enemies. As a result, the coffee becomes musty, lose flavor and aroma. If it still coffee beans, which exposed skin only, it is still protected. Furthermore, if you buy coffee beans, make sure you get pure coffee or real coffee. That is, the coffee that has not been mixed with other materials. Make sure you spend the roasted coffee that has no more than 2 months. After that, the quality in terms of taste and aroma will decrease.

So, whether we should have a coffee grinder machine at home? Yes, it is true. Manual coffee grinder is not expensive. If you visit an online store, there are cost about Rp.200,000 or no more than 20 USD.

So, how exactly serves a delicious cup of coffee? Coffee brewed or filtered coffee is also okay. Freshly ground coffee beans, it can be doused with hot water. Make sure you use water with a temperature of about 90 degrees Celsius. How to get hot water with such temperature? The trick, let stand about 1 minute the boiling water. Usually, we are brewing coffee with such hot water. Should it is not done anymore. Why? Because, it would be over extract. Preferably, use a filter, such as french press.

Then, how the actual dose to make good coffee? There is no standard dose, because people’s tastes and different cup sizes. General comparison, 1 : 15, means: 1 gram of coffee for every 15 milliliters of water.

Is it true that coffee had a negative impact on the stomach? In some people, the stomach is rather sensitive to the acidity. That is, if you have a disease of the stomach, should you prefer Robusta (lower acidic). However, it should also be remembered that the levels of Robusta caffeine is higher than Arabica.


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