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Coffee flavored corn


Sweet Corn (illustration)

So far, we only know that the coffee tastes bitter and black. Not all coffee lovers that consider the taste of real coffee, when consuming these beverages. For those that only know that coffee is black, bitter, the most important thing for them is to drink coffee. Coffee drinkers like this, if the coffee was mixed with corn, they probably will not know the difference. What? Coffee flavored corn!

I am sure, you’d be surprised. Well, that’s the reality. Coffee flavored corn, coffee precisely mixed with corn, thus providing a sense of corn. Wait, this may only exist only in Indonesia, precisely at a few places on the island of Java. Coffee flavored corn, refresh my memory to 1999. It is more precisely when I was assigned to assist a company in the city of Solo, Central Java – Indonesia. Arguably, our client is pretty good. We do not need to be busy with consumption. We served both drinks and lunch. So, we just focused work and work to help them.

In the morning, we usually served coffee. Do you want to know what it was served coffee taste? Wow, sweet! If I may say, this is sugar flavored coffee, not coffee sweetened with sugar. Frankly, I could not finish it. I can only spend one third. The rest is wasted. Imagine, this lasts until the project is completed. How was the duration of project? Almost a year!

At first, I think simply, it may be the culture of Solo. If they drink coffee, they chose a more dominant sugar than coffee. At least, I have a legal basis. Java cuisine is rather sweet. So, I understand with the sweet coffee. Although ever a few times I gave feedback to the servant, the results remain without any changes! He never changes! I’m just grateful. At least, I’ve felt a unique coffee with corn flavor. If I had not served such corn coffee, maybe I would not know. Well, you might ask, what exactly the reason of mixing coffee with corn.

Well, corn chosen because the price of this agricultural product tends to cheap. Moreover, corn kernels easily obtained. The habit of mixing beans with corn kernels is originally from the community in some areas in Java, especially those that live in an agricultural area. This habit continued until now because of market and economic opportunities.

Of course, it is unfortunate. Coffee beans mixed with corn beans will destroy the taste of real coffee. Roasted corn until charred also be bitter, just like coffee. Do consumers know this? Yes, to the owner of the coffee shop, I’m sure they know. The options of ready roasted quality coffee are available in the traditional market in some places in Jawa, included in Depok. Pure coffee or coffee mixed corn. Coffee mixed corn also subdivided by how the composition of coffee with corn. The more corn, coffee prices will become cheaper. Coffee shop owner would think of a bigger profit. We cannot blame the consumer (the owner of the coffee shop). Therefore, the price of coffee is expensive, so in order to be affordable by the economy class coffee lovers, then the corn coffee like this still exist.

So, do you want to try the “coffee flavored corn”?

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