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Egg Coffee from West Sumatera

On this occasion, I would invite you to try to make a drink that is different from the others. Anyway, this is incredible drinks. What is that? Egg Coffee. Yes, judging from its name, it is clear that drink consisting of coffee and eggs. Waaaaaw, if it does not smell fishy? So, what are the benefits? I am sure, you would have reacted by asking questions like this. Strange but true, is not it? Clearly, this drink is fun and energetic.

Well, before I explain the process of making it, I’ll explain a little more about this drink. Frankly, I do not know the origins of this drink, or how this drink was originally created. In fact, egg coffee drinks are very popular in my hometown in West Sumatra, or better known as Ranah Minang (in english: Minangland).

Minang people, especially men, have the habit of drinking coffee. So, do not be surprised if a lot of small shops that provide drinking coffee. For stores that are specialized in providing coffee, or Minang restaurant, then you should not hesitate if ordered coffee eggs. Coffee egg is a menu that must be mastered by them. If not available, customers would be disappointed.

There is another interesting here. Originally, the tool used to whisk the egg is not an electric mixer, as is common today. Usually the manual, such as split ends rattan, bamboo strips bonds, or bonds stick of palm leaves. Minang people believe that, whisk with traditional manual tools, providing its own pleasure for this egg coffee.

I am sure, you are still curious about the problem fishy from the egg. Indeed, for the first time heard, coffee mixed with egg strange indeed. Yes, eggs are of course identical with fishy. So, it takes a special trick that the drink was not fishy. So, how? Please, click here.

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