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Enjoy black coffee in Saint Cinnamon Plaza Senayan Jakarta

My coffee in Saint Cinnamon Plaza Senayan Jakarta

My coffee in Saint Cinnamon Plaza Senayan Jakarta

Yesterday afternoon, I was invited by my wife to Plaza Senayan Jakarta. Incidentally, my wife will hold a preparatory meeting reunion with college friends. For your information, this is their second meeting. The first meeting was held in Citos Mall Jakarta, about a month ago. My task is only to accompany, which means I have to drive a car, both home and away. So, I have nothing to do with the meeting. I’m also not interested in joining them.

From the beginning, my wife had said that, their meeting will probably take a long time. It is not just a short meeting, which is just a few minutes, then finished. Based on previous experience, usually the meeting spends at least 4-5 hours. So, my wife asked me to make myself busy and enjoy at the mall.

So, what is my idea? You might have guessed – “coffee”. You are absolutely right. All I think about is to look for the right cafe for coffee. Actually, I rather regret, for not bringing my favorite work tools, such as a laptop. Usually, people go to the famous cafe, which is more personal, if there is something to do, like doing something with a laptop, or meet with business partners. In essence, by ordering a cup of coffee, you can be free to sit there, without fear of being evicted by the owner of the cafe.

Over some consideration, I decided to drink coffee in the food court area. But, where? There, the food court Plaza Senayan, quite a lot of choices of places to drink coffee. All food outlets provide a menu of coffee as a drink options, including the famous outlets of fast food. Finally, my choice fell into outlet Cinnamon & Coffee – Saint Cinnamon. I’m just curious. I just wanted to know, what kind of coffee flavor provided by this outlet. Then, I came to the counter. I had to wait for one person, who is being served. While waiting, I make sure my choice, black coffee on the menu list. Don’t misreading.

Then, come it to my turn. I make sure to order a hot black coffee. I pay what it says on the menu board, which is displayed on the wall. Apparently, the price listed is the net price. I pay the exact fare Rp. 22,000 (less than 2 USD), that’s the price of medium size cups, hot black coffee, in Saint Cinnamon. No more than a minute, my coffee was ready. It was time to find a suitable place to enjoy my coffee. Luckily, I got a ready and clean place to sit, not far from the outlet, the space provided jointly for all customers of food court.

This is my coffee

This is my coffee

As a modern human and like other people, I have not been immune to the Smartphone syndrome. As you know, who first enjoyed the dish, is not our tongues, but Camera. I think, good to be used as documentation, to be displayed in the blog: blackcoffeebean.com, seen by colleagues the coffee lovers around the world. Now it’s time, it was my turn to enjoy my coffee. The aroma of the coffee smelled so fragrant, typical blended coffee. What about the taste? So perfect! Noticeably, it is strong and delicious coffee. Not inferior comparing to the other worldwide famous coffee shop. It was, I do not want to spend this coffee as soon as possible. Enjoyment of coffee tasted until the last drop. It is very satisfactory. This time, I was not wrong in choosing a place for coffee. That is my coffee story today and I hope seeing you at the next visit of coffee drinking.

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