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Jack Morino


The Coffee and Me

Hello, readers and coffee lovers. Welcome to my page.

First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is “Jack Morino”, or simply just called me: “Jack”. My daily life is filled with work as a professional in the field of sustainable Industry and energy (Productivity, Energy Efficiency / EE, Renewable Energy / RE). I live with my lovely wife and a pair of children. We live in a small town, Depok, which is located in the south suburbs of Jakarta.

Talking about “coffee”, hmmmmmm …. frankly, I am not a coffee expert. I am also not a person who is engaged in the coffee business. I’m just an ordinary person, who enjoys coffee drinks, as well as all of you. I just love and enjoy the aroma and flavor given by the coffee. For me, coffee brings so many benefits, ranging from providing the peace when I’m stressed or busy. Coffee also gives me the spirit of creativity while working for my client. Coffee also provide an inspiration or idea for me in writing for a newspaper opinion. In fact, when headaches come to me, coffee is the first drink that I remember to drive away the headache. Indeed, for the headache, I try not to be too dependent with the various types of migraine headaches. I first try to resolve it by drinking coffee. So far, coffee is my true friend, who is always ready to accompany when the headaches come to visit me.

Of course, you are interested in asking me, “Since when or what age did you start drinking coffee?” “What is the history,  behind your  fondness of coffee?” Well, many people start to like coffee since entering college level or start working. Indeed, what the coffee has is that its very supportive of everything. Start from aroma, flavor, benefits and atmosphere that it provides. Coffee can act as a friend in the study, which is able to provide concentration. Coffee can also increase focus and seriousness in completing a job, especially when chased by a deadline. Last but not least, coffee can be a complement to cheerfulness when hanging out with friends and business associates. It seems, without coffee its not completed yet. However, I’ve liked coffee since my childhood. Roughly, my age was about 10 years, when I was in elementary school in my hometown in the city of Padang, West Sumatra. Here’s the story begun. At first, I was secretly and without permission drinking coffee, if it had been left over in the glass by my father. My father is a coffee lover. Maybe, I’ve mimic the drinking habits of my father. I was the only child of my father who liked the coffee, while my other three brothers do not like coffee. I also still have 3 sisters. Like many other women, they also do not like coffee.

Maybe, your next question is, “What have you tried about coffee?” Almost everything about coffee, I have tried, the type of Arabica and Robusta, are also various ways to brew coffee like espresso, cappuccino, latte, served hot and cold, etc., to a variety of coffee from various countries, such as coffees from Indonesia, Vietnamese coffee, Kenya coffee, coffee Venezuelan and Brazilian coffee. But, of all that, I prefer black coffee and without sugar, served in hot. I do not really care about the origin of coffee. For me, each coffee has certain characteristics. Without sugar? Yes, it is without sugar. As with other Indonesian people, when drinking coffee, sweet is the “default” or “standard”. Generally in Indonesia, you must request “without sugar” or “plain”, so that you do not get a sweet drink.

So, what’s the story that I can drink coffee without sugar? Well, I will describe later in the next post. I think that’s enough from me. I hope you enjoyed reading my page. Warm greetings while sipping coffee from Depok.


Jack Morino

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