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Cheap and amazing tasty black coffee from Indomaret at Sudirman train station

Blackcoffee Indomaret Sudirman 01

Indomaret minimarket in Sudirman train station

Today, I went to the office of Higher Education in Senayan – Jakarta. Before, I never thought to ever go into the building. From the name, it’s obvious what things are taken care of by people who work in the office. You see, I am not a person who engaged in the field of education. I just pure private person who has been more associated with factories and energy issues. However, because there is a friend who asked me to help him to develop renewable energy disciplines ever sue over in Germany, I finally stepped firmly into the building. Of course, my concern at this office is to equalize the German diploma that I have with diploma Indonesian version. Sorry, diploma Germany and Higher Education is merely introductory only on writing this story. Primarily, it is still about black coffee. So, you do not have to worry to continue reading this article further.

Well, this time I wrote about my experience with black coffee sold in a minimarket, precisely in Indomaret located at Sudirman train station. Obviously, I was able to drink coffee here, because I went by train from Depok. Frankly, I am most afraid of driving the vehicle alone from Depok to downtown Jakarta. Besides the risk of jams and time-consuming, cost is also more expensive. Better to relax and enjoy the ride on the train. From the station Sudirman, I can connect ride the city bus. However, for this time, I chose to take a taxi.

Let us get back to the story of black coffee. Once off the train at the station Sudirman, I choose out through the gate located on top floor. From the platform to the top floor, it was provided two escalators. Passable, long enough and long queue, if it got off the train at rush hour. On the top floor there are Indomaret, Starbucks, Roti-O. We all already know what the main menu of Starbucks is. Roti-O, judging from his name was clearly provide the main menu is bread, but also provide coffee. Indomaret, in addition to providing a variety of snacks and soft drinks as well as other purposes, also provides a variety of hot and cold drinks, including coffee.

Blackcoffee Indomaret Sudirman 02

This is my coffee ….

This time, I set the option to black coffee provided by Indomaret. The Reason! First, I have never tried coffee provided here, so I want to try it. Secondly, I wanted to write about black coffee sold in this minimarket. Third, tempted by the price is so cheap, Rp. 6,000 just for the small size of the cup. Therefore I was a little dizzy, I finally ordered the espresso. According to personal experience, Espresso coffee is very quickly to dampen my headaches, which are often encountered. The shop keeper reminds me that the coffee that comes out only ¼ of a small cup, if for espresso. I assure to the waiter that I already know. Please just provide my espresso that I request. It was not until a minute, my espresso coffee is ready. I did not forget to thank the waiter who had made espresso for me. Next, I had to pay first, before the coffee is drunk. I gave the cashier the money Rp. 10,000, and got his change Rp. 4,000. She gave me sugar if needed.

Now, the coffee was officially belongs to me, and I want to enjoy my coffee. Yes indeed, I really enjoy my espresso coffee. Frankly, I did not expect, the coffee at a low price, has a flavor and aroma sensation steady. You know what I do when back home via this station again? You are absolutely right, a cup of coffee Americano from this outlet, cannot be forgotten to drink it. Enjoy your coffee with blackcoffeebean.com ….

Blackcoffee Indomaret Sudirman 03

Enjoy and relax with black coffee …