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The benefits of up to the 3 cups of coffee


Cups of coffee (illustration)

Nowadays, coffee can be considered a universal beverage. Drink coffee no longer be dominated by men, but now it’s been much favored by women. Coffee has become a part of lifestyle, which is often present in the everyday activities of people in the rural to urban, from the informal sector to the top class professionals in a company.

Coffee can be taken at any time, if you want. In the morning, drinking coffee is to provide benefits to the freshness of mind and concentration, to pick up the day’s activities. While you work, the coffee will provide additional concentration to finish the job. At night, the coffee is always ready to accompany you, who want to continue the remaining work until late at night. Coffee can also accompany you to relax, have fun with the family, or a business deal with your partner.

Coffee is not categorized as a health drink, but not a bit of research that has revealed the benefits and advantages of drinking coffee. Drink up to 3 cups of coffee (and certain conditions) on a regular basis every day, providing indirect benefits to health.

A study which spent more than 13 years, involving more than 400 thousand people, conducted by the National Cancer Institute, published in the “New England Journal of Medicine”, concludes that the faithful coffee drinkers have an increased risk of premature death 16 percent smaller.

Of course, this all back to each of us. Anything less does not provide much benefit. Excessive something will give harm. Only ourselves who knows, how many and how strong the coffee dose should we drink, in order to really give maximum benefit for ourselves. So, do not be afraid to drink coffee. Keep in mind and control your caffeine intake.

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